Turquoise Heishi and Silver Necklace

Turquoise Heishi and Silver Necklace

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This delicate necklace is made of 1,5 mm fine, unpolished Afghani turquoise heishi beads and a small, old Indian tribal silver pendant from Rajasthan. The intense blue shade of turquoise give this delicate necklace a strong presence and visibility.

The literal meaning of heishi is "shell". These organic shell beads, cut in the form of small discs originally came from the Kewa Pueblo people from New Mexico. Heishi also refers to the disc cut and shape of a variety of gem stones, including turquoise. Heishi beads are often used to make multi-strand necklaces, due to their small size and weight.

These turquoise beads come from the Tora Bora Mountains of Afghanistan, a region mostly known for its Lapis Lazuli mines. Most Afghani beads are minimally polished, allowing for a matte, soft patina.

43cm/17 inches