care & cleaning

Store your jewelry in a dry place away from water and moisture. Moisture, lotion, perfumes and perspiration can all lead to tarnishing and remove the gold plating of your jewelry.

Remove your jewelry before showering, exercising, applying lotions or make-up and any other activities where it can come in contact with moisture or water or be at risk of getting damaged.

For cleaning, we recommend a dry soft cloth or old T-shirt. A polishing cloth may be used only for cleaning the silver parts of your jewelry to remove the tarnish.

Do not use liquid silver cleaners or pastes to clean the silver or gold filled elements in your jewelry. This will damage the gold plating, antiquing, or brushed gold effects.

Gem stones, gold filled pendants, beads and organic materials such as corals or pearls should not come into contact with chemical cleaners (which are also in silver polishing cloths).

Jasmin Tabesch jewelry should not be cleaned in an ultrasonic device.