Aztec Sun Earring
Aztec Sun Earring Aztec Sun Earring

Aztec Sun Earring

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These earrings are made of matte gold-plated suns and rod beads. The gold-plated suns and rod beads are exact replicas of Pre-Columbian jewelry found in the Gold Museum in Bogota, Columbia.

To the Aztecs, Maya and Incas gold represented eternity and the sacred source of all life. The wearer of this precious material was bestowed with energy, health and happiness. The symbolic and preferred matte quality of the gold was believed to preserve its energy inward, versus a shiny surface which was believed to radiate the gold’s energy outward.

Through the use of similar antique techniques such as lost wax process, these new replicas maintain the beautiful warm gold look and matte patina of the originals. The lever back ear wires are made of vermeil (gold-filled silver).

3.5cm/1.25 inches including ear wire