Onyx Sun Necklace
Onyx Sun Necklace Onyx Sun Necklace

Onyx Sun Necklace

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This one of a kind long necklace is made of small, rectangular onyx beads, gold-plated and brass rod beads. The gold-plated beads, including the asymmetrically placed sun pendant have a warm reddish gold hue and matte, smooth surface and are exact replicas of pre-Columbian gold beads found in shaft graves and exhibited at the Gold Museum in Bogota, Columbia.

To the pre-Columbians, gold represented eternity and the sacred source of all life. The wearer of this precious material was bestowed with energy, health and happiness. The symbolic and preferred matte quality of the gold was believed to preserve its energy inward, versus a shiny surface which was believed to radiate the gold’s energy outward.

87cm/34.25 inches