Hessonite Necklace with Chrysocolla Pendant

Hessonite Necklace with Chrysocolla Pendant

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Delicate necklace made from semi-transparent, faceted 2mm Hessonite, featuring a faceted, hexagonal chrysocolla pendant framed in a gold plated setting and accent beads. End beads and lobster clasp are made of gold plated silver.

Hessonite is part to the Grossular Garnet Family and derives its general name from the botanical name of the gooseberry, grossularia. Also called cinnamon stone, its specific name hessonite was coined by the Ancient Greeks. Hesson meaning inferior, in this case referred to its lower hardness than other garnet species. It is found mainly in Sri Lanka and India, but also in Brazil and California.

Chrysocolla comes from the ancient Greek, literally meaning „gold glue“ referencing the material which was used in antiquity to solder gold. Its cyan blue color and copper traces give it its particularity striking color and pattern, hence its great popularity as a gem stone. Often replacing turquoise, its rarer cousin, chrysocolla is found more commonly and has appeared in jewelry from antiquity onward.

Length: 42 cm