Calcedony Karen Necklace
Calcedony Karen Necklace Calcedony Karen Necklace

Calcedony Karen Necklace

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This 2mm faceted powder blue strand of chalcedony is paired with a small Karen silver pendant with flower motif. A faceted Ruby and Karen silver rod bead are added as accent beads.

The Karen people of Northern Thailand are one the largest ethnic groups among the many Hill Tribe People of the Golden Triangle, a region comprising Northern Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. They are skilled craftsmen and are known for their fine silver jewelry work. Each motif is handstamped into even the finest bead or pendant. Karen silver has a 98- 99% silver content and will subsequenlty tarnish very slowly compared to traditional sterling silver.

This powder blue, vitreous chalcedony has a waxy luster and fine cut, giving the necklace a delicate sparkle and subtle presence. The name chalcedony originates from the Latin word “Chalcedonius“ and derives from an ancient sea port of Asia Minor, Chalcedon, now Kadikoy, Turkey.

43cm/17 inches