Bohemian Cabochons Earrings
Bohemian Cabochons Earrings Bohemian Cabochons Earrings

Bohemian Cabochons Earrings

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These beautiful round 1930’s Czech glass cabochons are set in closed sterling silver settings. The molded flower motif, reminiscent of Art Nouveau designs, ranges from pastel to grass green, giving the earrings a soft look.

Czech glass comes from a region previously known as Bohemia. Glass production in this area goes back to as early as the 8th to 9th century with the Celts being the first to produce glass. Due to the natural abundance of quartz in the local mountains, the base material needed to make silica for glass production, much forested land and wood for the high heat furnaces and a plethora of local streams to cool the glass down once it was blown or poured, the conditions for glass making in Bohemia were ideal. It wasn’t until the 16th century however that glass making became an industry, with production peaking in the early 19th century, when Bohemian glass beads were exported worldwide to the Americas, Africa and Asia. Today old Bohemian glass beads and cabochons have become sought after collectors items.

3,5 cm/1.25 inches  cabochon circumference: 2cm/0.75inches