Asanti Boule and Opal Necklace
Asanti Boule and Opal Necklace Asanti Boule and Opal Necklace

Asanti Boule and Opal Necklace

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This one of a kind chunky necklace is worked around a large Asanti boule brass disc framed by two granulated Yoruba brass rod beads. Held in aqua and soft turquoise tones, large Peruvian opals, pale turquoise and old amazonite discs, old Vaseline glass and Tuareg brass beads are added to make this unique piece. Handmade conical brass beads and a flat hammered vermeil clasp round off this necklace.

Originally found in West African countries such as Ghana or the Ivory Coast, boule beads were handmade from wound brass tubes using the ancient lost wax technique. A mold is made for each bead and then destroyed to remove it. Boule beads were part of a family tradition of bead making, with tools and techniques being passed on from generation to generation. They are easily identified by the Adinkra sun and moon symbols incorporated into their design. "Abode Santen" (the sun) is said to symbolize peace, reverence and the continuity of life, whereas "Osram" (the moon) connotes faith, determination and patience.

Peruvian opals are rare gemstones found mostly in the Andes Mountains near San Patricio, Peru. Considered Peru’s national stone, these opals are unique because of their milky, semi-translucency and their vitreous, pearly surface. Colors range from light to medium aqua/turquoise shades. Peruvian legends praise their relaxing energy and tranquil healing powers.

45cm/17.5 inches